The Morris Worm (Part 1): Overview

The Morris Worm marks a pivotal event in the history of cybersecurity and largely acted as an impetus for legitimizing the formal field of cybersecurity as we know it today. The worm was released over 25 years ago by Robert Morris Junior who, at the time, was a graduate student at Cornell University. The evidence seems to suggest that Morris did not have malevolent intentions, but rather that it was an experiment gone awry. The Morris Worm spread from system to system across the Internet, which in 1987 comprised about 60,000 machines. The mechanisms by which the worm spread included the exploitation of security shortcomings in the Unix Finger program, the Sendmail program, and the Unix utilities rsh as well as rexec. In this video, which is the first in a multi-part series, Sourcefire's Chief Scientist, Zulfikar Ramzan, gives an overview of the Morris Worm. In subsequent videos, Zulfikar dives into more detail regarding the worm's inner workings.

RunTime - 7:05

Uploaded - 11 Nov 2013


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